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Courage, intuition, honesty, the mountain, the ocean, the city, my beau, my Bu, family, friends, travel, new york mornings, paris nights, portland summers, tokyo springs, dancing, pilates, biking, snowboarding, surfing, free falling, bouldering, slacklining, camping, late summer nights, foggy mornings, thunder, tree groves, natural light, date nights, museums, loft spaces, fireplaces, books, harpers bazaar, quotes, nuances, vintage/thrift shopping, textiles, grandma’s jade ring, whisper rings, bikinis, lingerie, vintage sneakers, moccasins, cashmere scarves, foreign films, cameras, iphone, wi-fi,, piano, guitar, the beach boys acapella, muji, DIY gifts, knitting, paper anything, writing utensils, cooking, rice bowls, chinese tea cups, water carafes, brunch w/ friends, picnics, room service, crepes, french bread, steamed cherry tomatoes, babycakes, chai lattes, jasmine tea, seasonal flavors, wild flowers, seashells, color coral, cocoa butter oil, warm towels, rain shower heads, clean sheets, chairs, hammocks, invisible face painting, monochromatic animals, llamas, sea turtles, and this.

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