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For a better us.


With feeling under the weather recently, in more ways than one, I thought to share 10 things that I choose to do in my strife towards a healthier me.

1. I recently put up a post-it in the kitchen saying, “I eat healthy food every day.” Rather than telling yourself that you won’t do something, like “I won’t eat junk food any more”, use positive re-inforcement. You’re more inclined to be consistent. But…do not deprive yourself of treats. On occasion. You deserve those too, especially if you work hard at taking care of yourself. Lack of such will only cause binge eating.

2. Steam cook food. I like using bamboo steamers. It’s so easy to cook a full meal by just stacking one atop the other and cooking simultaneously.

3. Drink alkaline water (adding lemon or lime) throughout the day. All day. Try to stick to drinking warm or room temperature water.

4. Switched from using a plastic/metal water bottle to a glass water bottle, eliminating any toxins from the plastic/metal. Drinking from glass is nice, because the water’s taste isn’t affected; it always tastes fresh. I re-purposed a Kombucha bottle. My pilates teacher also suggested using VOSS bottles.

5. Exercise everyday for at least 30 min. Remember to warm-up the heart/body for 5 minutes and stretch before doing any strenuous activity. Stretch afterwards as well. It really helps prevent injury. And I’d rather spend that extra time stretching than 4-6 months or worse down & out. Over-utilize YouTube and it’s endless wealth of exercise techniques and stretching methods.

I’ve been trying to mix if up a lot, especially so as not to get bored or burnt out. Pilates, running (changing locations i.e. school track, neighborhood, gym, hill sprints), spin class, gym dance classes, and yoga. Just got back into bouldering. At the bouldering gym, they have a slackline set up & I’m really stoked about this. It’s a great way to promote awareness, balance, focus, and breathing.  Yogaslackers combine yoga and slacklining. Wow.

Look out for this niche, it’s really become a sport as well…

If I don’t have time to workout, I always try to take the stairs whenever applicable or throw on some music and dance around the house. Another good way to burn calories is vacuuming (238 C/hr).

6. Commute primarily by foot or bicycle. Public transportation when needed.

7. Sunscreen. Especially on face. Every day. Even cloudy ones.

8. Don’t smoke. I used to smoke. Yes. But I don’t anymore. I can no longer stand the smell. I’ll admit to craving one once in a blue moon under very high levels of stress, but I don’t submit. I tell myself how difficult it was to quit and how far I’ve come…how far I can run. I can say I regret ever starting. I can’t tell you how much better I am and feel now. It’s a world of a difference. No more worries about masking smoke odor. My skin is better. No more back pain; healing is quicker. Better blood circulation. And the image of growing old strapped to an oxygen tank while I go about my business is scary. No thank you! So for all you smokers out there, here’ just another reminder on how unnecessary this bad habit is…

Please quit. It’s not worth it. Your worth is.

9. Sleep at least 7 hours. I really believe in the importance of a good night’s rest. A continued lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain, anxiety, depression, lethargy and fatigue. If you find yourself with insomnia due to worried thoughts or stress, read a book until your eyes draw heavy. Low-demand situations can tend to cause drowsiness.

10. Laugh. Out loud. When you’re sad, lonely, or stressed. Catch up with friends who you know will share something funny. Watch children or animals at play. Have a tickle fight with your loved one.  The great thing about the internet is you can access your favorite comedic tv shows or movies at any given moment. Laugh at yourself. Make funny faces in the mirror. This all may sound cheesy. But it’s good for the soul.

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.  -E.E. Cummings

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