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Vintage #17


headdress, fourth quarter 19th century. headdress, late 19th century.

stockings, 1880-1899. dress, 1885-1888.

veil, 1835. cap, fourth quarter 19th century.

evening dress, 1911-1913. evening stole, 1910.

evening dress, 1925. evening dress, 1924.

jeanne lanvin cloche, 1925. evening dress, 1925.

evening gown, 1932-1934.

elsa schiaparelli belt, 1934.

irene evening gown, 1935. dressing jacket, 1930-1939.

elsa schaiparelli parasole, 1937-1940. hattie carnegie hat, 1937.

nightgown, 1936. charles james evening dress, 1936.

valentina cocktail dress, 1938. charles james evening dress, 1939.

steven arpad shoes, 1939.

elsa schiaparelli hat, 1940.

elizabeth hawes neckpiece, 1940. snood, 1943.

claire mccardell dress, 1945. mrs sally victor snood, 1943.

charles james scarf, 1950. gilbert adrian dinner dress, 1948-1949.

claire mccardell playsuit, 1950. mrs sally victor turban, 1950.

headdress, 1950-1955. givenchy dress, 1953.

norman norell dress, 1953. beth levine shoes, 1953.

mrs sally victor mondrian hat, 1962. james galanos evening dress, 1955.

beth levine shoes, 1965. halston evening dress, 1975.

tess sholom ‘the joy’ cuff, 1982.

via MET museum

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