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via Suno

Fashion has cycled back to days of tie dye… it’s everywhere. So with that, I thought about up-cycling some pieces with what turned out to be a fun afternoon project.

Not everything I worked on is shown. Ideas here were to take a vintage slip and some leggings, an old stained scarf, one of my beau’s old tee’s, and some plain canvas totes…

Grabbed supplies from the Dollar Store: Bucket, rubber bands, latex gloves, and condiment bottles to be used as ‘squirt bottles’. RIT dye purchased at the local drugstore. Also put aside, plastic garbage bags and large Ziploc bags. Be sure to reuse the bags  to store left-over supplies. Don’t tear up the garbage bags to cover up more space, so as to be able to use them in the future. And try not to cut up the rubber bands if you can help it.

Pre-wet items. Tie them up as you wish. Follow box dye instructions. Remember to wear your gloves. There’s also a lot of helpful how-to tips on YouTube.

Dip freely and randomly in dye bath. Or fill squirt bottles with different color dyes for multi-color tie dye patterns or for more ‘controlled’ dyeing.

Let items ‘cool’ a bit and store in Ziploc bags overnight. Follow box for wash and care instructions. I just hand-rinsed with cold water. Threw them in the washer (warm/cool), followed by the dryer.

Some examples of finished product. Leggings for sale in shop. More dyeing projects ahead.

Zimmermann s/s 2011

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