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Live simply. Simply live.


This holiday season has been a whirlwind of activity. From cleaning, moving, purging, organizing within our home before the New Year to handling a few diy projects. 

We decided to make the majority of tree ornaments this year, so now it is decked with an abundance of origami creatures and paper snowflakes. Above is a sneak peak of my fave’s. The paper heart can beat! The crane was my Christmas card from J which was written on the inside and I had to complete the crane. I also made Chalkboard Glass Ornaments this year to gift. You can write and erase chalk on them.

Had a Martha Stewart kind of evening with a girlfriend and  made salt & sugar body scrubs to gift. This was a lot of fun to do. All made with love.

Handmade cards too. I cut out paper snowflakes and affixed to blank cards. Using printed origami paper allowed for lovely visuals.

I hope you had and are having a wonderful holiday season. Relax when you can. Be merry amongst those you let in your life. Spread kindness. May good tidings surround  you. Stay safe. Cheers~

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