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Gone fishing.



The absence online was sparked by a visit from my Pops this week. All week he had been itching to go fishing and we finally were able to go this morning. Bright and early we took off from The Fishery. The sunrise from the Columbia River Gorge is pictured above as we just set anchor. 


Pops was the only one who caught a wild steelhead. But it was catch and release. Mine got away. Pretty much the fish weren’t biting for the most part. Our fishing guide, Dan, was telling us about superstitions fishermen have before setting out. A popular one is to NEVER have bananas on board. Dan’s was if he smelled skunk at the boat dock or before heading out on the water, it would be a disappointing day. And as soon as he mentioned that, I recalled smelling the peutrid aroma on our drive to the river. Coincidence? Well, better luck next time. At least the sunrise was beautiful. And re-living sweet childhood memories… priceless.

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