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Food for thought.


Thought for food.



Q: If you could only try one restaurant anywhere in the world, where would it be?

A: Restaurant: el Bulli       Chef: Ferran Adria


(an exerpt from book)

Dear Ferran,

I write to thank you for your generous hospitality at your table. 

     The experience was curiously disorienting and exhilarating. I struggle to find a word for the event itself – it was not a meal; it was neither dinner or supper, nor was it food, nourishment or sustenance. And yet we sat at a table as if all or some of these may have been involved.

     And while the taste buds and eyes seemed to be mainly addressed, the stomach is also centrally implicated. Hence surprise, pleasure, sensuous delight, repulsion, irritation, discomfort, exhaustion, amazement, stupor.

     And for me, a deliciously unexpected Proustian moment when I tasted the marigolds on the tongues of mango, and was transported to a childhood memory of lying on a temple floor after a wedding, eating, out of sheer boredom, the scattered flower petals.



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