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Favorite Thing #8



Short Sands beach in Oswald State Park via Dan Jesperson

S & A took us on a weekend trip to the OR coast for some camping and surfing. As always, we had a wonderful time with them. With plans of more of the same for this summer, I wanted to dedicate a post to some personal favorite camping items.

6-person tent– We rented this size to try it out and it’s huge! There were 2 of us and a dog – the extra room is so worth it. Trust.

Air mattress (queen size) – S & A let us borrow 1 of theirs and now we can’t visualize not having one. 

Headlamps– A MUST.

Stuff sacks (me) or Spacepaks (J)- Great space saver/organizer; separate clean from dirty or dry from wet; good sleeping bag case; nice gift idea.

Quick dry towels– Light, practical, and also great for gym showers; nice gift idea.

Crocs– Yes, these are ugly. But I can’t stress enough how really great they are for travel/camping/the beach.

Travel clock/light – This is the most used gift my dad has given me. The included light makes it ideal for camping too.

Pocket knife – On the wishlist.

Hats – Keep the sun out of your face. Stay warm on cold nights.

Dog gear – Water dispenser. Lighted dog collar for wilderness night safety. Tried the led light accessory you clip onto the collar but it doesn’t work well at all.

Camping is great because it’s not only an affordable way to travel, it’s rewarding too. There’s nothing like the feeling after setting up camp. Plus,the scenery is nothing short of beautiful.

Note: Be self-reliant.

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