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Favorite Thing #6



clockwise from top left: Natural Cooking – The Prevention Way (1973) by editor Charles Gerras ; French Cookbook (1976) by Suzanne Gibbs ; Salsas! (1985) by Andrea Chesman ; Quick & Easy Favorite Japanese Dishes (1992) by Yukiko Moriyama & Joie, Inc.

Just scored some new old cookbooks yesterday.  Through an affinity for books, I’ve found myself collecting vintage cookbooks. Recipes can never outgrow themselves after all. They can change, but don’t expire. 

They say ‘never judge a book by its cover’ but I get inspired from some of the covers and I’ll purchase them unbeknownst of its content.  So far I’ve been lucky and have acquired equally great cover & read.

This sparked the idea to start adding vintage books in the shop. Look out for some every now and then. Reference reads are always good to have around, because you’ll always have a need to returm to them. Or when finished, simply share the knowledge by passing it on to someone else.

Never stop learning.

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  1. 05/17/2009 11:52 pm

    nice finds. this makes me want to go to my mom’s house and pick up some old cookbooks.

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