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Favorite Thing #5


A man may stand there and put all America behind him.  -Henry David Thoreau






Chincoteague pony


Rehoboth beach pier

via lady_lavender66


I’ve been a little ‘homesick’ lately, missing family on the east coast. I started thinking about my childhood and the places ventured to while growing up.  Summers, even springs, my family did annual trips to the coast of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Massachusetts.  

One of my favorite places in this world is actually off the coast of Virginia. Virginia beach comprises also of Rehoboth beach, Assateague Island, and Chincoteague Island. It’s a place where wild ponies roam free. I loved that.

The foggy mornings I enjoyed. Fishing with papa. Playing in the sand & swimming in the ocean with mama. Digging for sand crabs at noon and eating blue crabs for dinner. Oh and flying kites. The wind was always just right.

It differs from other beaches I’ve been to in that it feels safe, secure & grounded, like an old friend ready to listen.

I see now that it is a place where writers can write and poets can lyric.

I need to go back one day.

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  1. 05/19/2009 8:50 am

    Great post thanks

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